Overview of Client Account Management

This article will review how partners can manage multiple client accounts in a single portal.    

Access Client Management Portal.  

Click your email address in the upper right corner.  Then select "Clients".  

New Client Account and Write Client Food Safety / HACCP Plans

To add a new client, click "New Client".  To start writing the client's plans once their account is established, click "Vew / Work Clients".

Transfer Ownership of the Client Account to the Client

In order to give your client ownership of their account so they many also view and edit their plans select "Transfer Ownership to the Client".  This will send an account invitation email to the client to sign up for a user account.  

Please Note: sometimes this automated email can get caught in email spam filters.  To avoid the possibility that this invitation will get trapped in a spam filter, you have the option to copy the link and paste it in your own email to send to the client.