Overview - Food Production Batch Management

This article will walk you through how to use the food production batch management feature.  Select a the Safety Plan / Food Product you will be running a batch for, then log the values of each of the results of completed Procedures (SOPs).  

Getting Started With Your First Batch

A. Navigate to Batch Management 

1. Navigate to "Operations" >> "Batches".

2. Click "Start Batch".  

B. Select the HACCP or Preventive Controls plan.  

Essentially, select the 'product' you are running a batch for.  NOTE: batch management requires Procedures (SOPs) with Log Types to be established.  For more information on Procedures (SOPs) please click on this link.  

C. Enter Batch Number. 

ConnectFood automatically generates a batch number.  If you have your own system, please enter it here.  

D. Bill of Materials 

This form lists your Ingredients and the associated Suppliers.  Lot Numbers can be manually entered, or you can use the bar code scanner option.  Once the Lot Numbers and Quantity values are entered, click "Start Batch".      

E. Enter Logs

As your batch is processing, enter the log value of each of the Procedures (SOPs) indicated in the Safety Plan.  

F. View Batch Report

Navigate to "Reports".  Select the SOP/CCP Logs Report.  View SOP/CCP Logs by "Batch".