This article will walk operators through the initial steps to record to complete and maintain on a periodic basis.  Please note, log data entry is accessible on mobile devices.  

A few examples of the types of records that can be tracked:

  • Allergen Monitoring Log
  • Clean and Sanitize Equipment
  • Foreign Contamination
  • Monitor Temperature During Transport For Frozen Foods
  • Monitor Freezer Storage Temperatures
  • Segregate Allergens From Non-Allergen Products at Receipt
  • Supplier Provides Certificate
  • Thermometer Accuracy Log

Enter Your First Log

1. Navigate to "Operations" >> "Logs". 

2. Click "Add Log"

3.  Select the Procedure to Record.  For more information about Procedures, please see this article.  

Print Records of Log Entries

To print a report of your log entries by date or by plan/product, navigate to "Reports".  The report is titled "SOP/CCP Logs".