We Started An Expert Service Order, How Do We Proceed?  

If you have already started a "Help Me Write Food Safety / HACCP Plans" or "Review Food Safety / HACCP Plans" expert service order, here are some of the steps to facilitate the process.

Complete Four Sections in the Software

1. Complete Facility Address. 

Click your email address in the upper right corner.  Click ""Settings".  

In the left side menu, click "Facility" to find the address form.  If you are a manufacturer, please don't forget to add your Safety Team member as well while in "Settings".   

2. Complete the initial Food Safety Plan / HACCP Plan Analysis Questionnaire.   

Click "HACCP / PC Plans", open your plan, then answer the questions under "Plan Analysis >> Questionnaire".

3. Complete the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Checklist.   

Click "GMP".  Please Note: this is optional for in-service food establishments.

4. Upload Pre-Existing Food Safety Documentation.   

There will be an automated email sent from 'notifications@connectfood.com' to request the upload of existing documentation.  Please note that this can sometimes get caught in email junk / spam folders.  The email message will have a link to an upload portal with a list of types of documents to upload.  

What Happens When We First Speak with the Expert?

On the first conference call, the expert will ask some initial questions. Here is a sample list of questions.