An Overview of How to Use Plan Templates

A step by step walk through on how to load HACCP and Preventive Control templates that include process flows, hazards, and controls.  

Create a New Plan Using a Template  

1. Click "HACCP/PC Plans"

2. Click "Add Plan"  

3. Enter "Product Brand Name" and Select "Product Category".  

4. Select Plan Template.  Either type the name of the template you are looking for in the text box or click the text box to enable a drop down of all templates.  

5. Click "Process Steps" tab to view the process flow template.  

For additional information on how to use the process flow to view hazards and controls, please see this video on how to use the process flow.  

Use Template on Existing Plan

1. Open an existing HACCP/ Preventive Controls Plan.  

2. Click "Process Steps" tab.  

3. Click the icon in the lower right corner of the process flow diagram with title "Use Saved Template".