A Guide to Get Started Using the Expert Service Work Space to Assist Client Companies

How to open the work space for a food product

  1. Navigate to Expert Services >> Orders.  
  2. Find the Client Order Item, then click the "+" to expand the list item.  
  3. On the expanded order item, find the menu on the right side.  Click "Work Item".  This will open the Expert Service Work Space.  

Viewing the Product and Sharing Media

From the Work Space you can access the food product data.  By clicking on "View Product" it will open a separate tab in your browser.  That tab will open the "Edit Product" mode which enables you to modify the data such as process flows and hazards.  It also enables you to view the food safety plan as it stands in its entirety by viewing the "Plans and Reports" tab while in "Edit Product" mode.

The two media tabs allows for storage of external documents that were needed for the review.  The Private Media tab is for the Expert's reference only.  The Shared Media tab allows for media to be shared with the client.  

Safety Letter - Getting Started  

The safety letter is written to summarize to the client the food safety plan is approved and to continue to follow best food safety practices. 

  1. First, click inside the editing space to activate the editing buttons above.  
  2. Click "Load Template".  
  3. In the pop up modal, the select "Expert Plan Review".  Then select "ConnectFood Sample Template".  This will load the template in the editing space.

Editing the Safety Letter

The Safety Letter editing space is essentially an online word processing feature.  It has Bold, Italics, Ordered and Unordered Lists, and more.  The template will load with a mix of text and dynamic text data fields which are surrounded with {{ }} brackets.  These mark where data is dynamically pulled from the food safety plan and automatically entered into the letter.  The view the result of the dynamic fields at anytime, click the "Preview" button.  This will load a PDF in a separate tab.  

The "Complete & Submit" will publish the letter to the client and complete the payment process.