How to Get Started with a Food Safety Expert Service

For a list of food safety expert services, please refer here.  

A. Request Quote for Expert Service 

  1. Under Expert Services>>Product & Services tab, find the Services that you need for your food products.  You can select more than one service if needed. 
  2. Request a Quote from Expert companies for the service by clicking the "Request Quote" link.  

B. View and Accept Company Bids

Once a request for a quote is submitted, one or more companies will submit bids to perform the services requested.  Under "Expert Services">>"Request For Quote" you will see the list of bids submitted.  

  1. Expand the list item by  clicking on the "+" on the left side.  
  2. On the right hand menu of the open list item, click the menu on the right side and click "Accept Bid".  

    3. Add the item to the Shopping Cart

C.  Place the Order - Shopping Cart

Once the bid is accepted, it the bid will appear in your shopping cart.  The shopping cart order page will appear as the next step after accepting the bid.  If you need to come back to the shopping cart at a later time, the shopping cart icon at the top of your screen will show a number next to it with the number of items in your cart.  You can click on that icon to view those items.  

1. Click "Proceed to Checkout". 

2. Enter Credit Card information.  

D. Submit Order