There are two places to download auto generated documentation from ConnectFood.  The first is under the "Reports" tab which contains the following reports:  

Plan Level Reports

  • HACCP plan, 
  • Preventive Controls (PC) plan,
  • Full HACCP / PC plan,
  • Expert Safety Letter (if an Expert Service was completed for your product),
  • Recall plan

Company Level Reports

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Checklist,
  • GMP Compliance Analysis, 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP),
  • SOP/CCP Logs,
  • Suppliers and Ingredients

If you purchased Expert Services, the output of those services is a letter written by the food safety expert.  Those are also located under "Expert Services".  

Reports Location

On the menu's at the top find "Reports".  The reports are organized into two sections: Company level reports and Plan level reports.  To find individual product-plans, type in the name of the product-plan into the text box under "Plan Reports".  Once a product-plan is selected either the Preventive Controls or HACCP report will appear and the Recall Plan will appear.  

Expert Services - Expert Letters

If you ordered Expert Services, the expert provides a letter as a part of the service which either describes the service completed and / or the letter of compliance.  To view the expert letter 

  1. Click the "Expert Services" tab.  
  2. Click the "Orders" tab.  This will show the orders placed for Expert Services and the completed outputs.  
  3. Expand an Order.  
  4. Click "View Item", which will show the Safety Letter and/or report written from an Expert.  

Expert Services - Shared Media and Documentation

In some expert orders, supporting documentation is developed.  That is located in the tab to the right of the Safety Letter, called "Media".