Description of Records:  

Food safety plan implementation records demonstrate that the activities described in your plan were carried out. These include monitoring, corrective action, several types of verification activities, your supply‐chain program activities and training records. Implementation records may include information used for validation and decision making during hazard analysis, such as published scientific studies, in‐plant studies done by technical experts, and data from other experts such as trade associations, equipment manufacturers or sanitation chemical providers. Documentation of verification activities associated with the supply‐ chain program, such as ingredient testing, supplier audits, also represent implementation records. This includes written assurances from customers that they control a hazard requiring a preventive control, if relevant to your product. Organizing these implementation records in a logical manner is recommended to facilitate retrieval during inspection or when an incident occurs.

Types of Implementation Records: 

  • Monitoring records for preventive controls
  • Corrective action records
  • Verification records, when required
  • Validation
  • Calibration of monitoring instruments 
  • Product testing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Records reviews
  • Reanalysis
  • Supply-chain program and supporting documentation
  • Training records