How ConnectFood Expert Partners Can Help Write Food Safety / HACCP Plans

Experts help write Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and / or Food Safety Modernization Act - Preventive Control food safety plans.  The plans are written for your organization in ConnectFood’s food safety plan generator.  Plans can be written for compliance with FDA, USDA, Local Health Department, Retail requirements.  

What Is Provided By ConnectFood Expert Partners:

Here is a list of services provided:     

  • Assess existing food safety documentation provided by the client.  This can include such items as validation studies, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Standard Operating Procedures, and more.   
  • Establish a process flow diagram.
  • Perform a hazard analysis by identifying biological, chemical, and physical hazards.  
  • Document Critical Control Points (CCPs) or Preventive Controls (PC) to mitigate the identified hazards. 
  • If applicable, associate existing ConnectFood Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates to the Controls written.  SOP Templates contain the necessary Log Sheets to maintain Records of their implementation.  Please note: SOP templates associated to the plan are delivered "as is".  If additional services are required to modify the SOP templates to match your custom operations, please see the SOP development service.   
  • Deliver a Safety Letter which 'signs off' on the status of the Food Safety / HACCP plan and recommends steps forward to continue and maintain good food safety practices.  Here is an example safety letter.  


What Is Asked Of The Client To Help Write The Food Safety / HACCP plan:

Here is a list of components necessary for completing a valid food safety plan, if applicable per the type of food product.    

  • Provide a product description.
  • Complete as much of the Plan Analysis >> Questionnaire in the software as possible.  This includes questions such as who the product is sold to, whether the food product is for in-service or for distribution, packaging, and more.  
  • Provide Ingredients and Suppliers.  
  • Complete the Good Manufacturing Practices - CFR 117 checklist. Note: this is recommended, but not required for in-service establishments.
  • Upload existing documentation - An email will be sent from ‘’ which has a link to a file upload portal and has some suggested file types that assist the expert in assessing your food product. Please keep a look out as this can get caught in spam folders.  Example types of documentation that are helpful for the Expert to review:
    • If exists, a HACCP or Food Safety Preventive Controls Plan
    • Validation of each product and/or process and Ready-To-Eat statements (if applicable)
    • Certificates of Analysis (COA); list tests conducted and why
    • Third Party Audit Certificate, Report & Corrective Actions
    • Product Specification
    • 100g Nutritional Information
    • Allergen Grid / Statement
    • SDS / MSDS Statement
    • GMO / Non-GMO Statement
    • Country of Origin
    • Kosher Certificate (Provide Yearly when due)
    • Halal Certificate (If Applicable)

All efforts are virtual to save costs for the client.  For the duration of the project, there will be several conference calls and also the use of ConnectFood Messenger.

Once the plan is established, Experts may also need to be consulted to re‐validate a particular processing step; e.g., when reanalysis identifies new information on a hazard that was not addressed in initial validation studies.  Please see the re-analysis service option for more details.