This article will walk though some options on how to organize your list of food products within ConnectFood to generate your food safety plans.  

  • Option A:  List all of your food products.  This is the most comprehensive approach.  Each of your food products will have it's own food safety plan.  
  • Option B: List only 'baseline' food products.  If you have products that have similar ingredients the same exact list of potential hazards, they you may group them under one 'baseline' food safety plan.  For example, if I make cold press "Green Juice", that has different flavors such as "Green Juice with Apple" and Green Juice with Strawberry" and they have the same list of possible hazards, then the one food safety plan for "Green Juice" can be used for the Apple and Strawberry flavors of the drink.    
  • Option C: List baseline food products and variants of the baseline products.  This is the recommended approach.  As in Option B, list your baseline products such as "Green Juice", which covers all flavors of Green Juice with the same list of hazards.  But, when a flavor of "Green Juice" has a different list of hazards, such as "Green Juice with Cashew Milk", which now has a Tree Nut allergen, then create a "Variant" product in the Product List.  Using the "Create Variant" option will create a copy of the baseline product, to give you are start, then make the modifications specific to that variant product.  

Here is a screen shot of the HACCPpage.  Red Salsa and Nacho Cheese are the baseline products.  The other Salsa and Nacho Cheese products are Variants.  

Here is a screen shot of how to create a Product Variant, by creating a "Template" of the main master plan.  Then use that plan template to base the variant plans from.  

To use the new plan template, click "Add Plan" and select the new template in the "Load Template" option.  

If you wish to pursue an Expert Review of your plans, as noted in Option C, products with the same hazard list can be covered with one Expert Review.  If products have a different list of hazards, they will each need a separate Expert Review.