ConnectFood has the ability to use bank account numbers instead of credit cards for items such as subscription payments, expert food safety plan reviews, training invoices, and more instead of using credit cards if preferred.

1. Open Your Account Billing View

After logging in with your user account, the application will route you to your Dashboard page.  From the Dashboard page, select the "Billing" tab either from the Dashboard navigation panel on the left or from the user account drop down menu in the upper right of the page.  

2. Setup ACH Payment 

Once the Billing page is open, click the "ACH" tab.  Then click the "Add ACH" button.  

2.1 Complete the ACH Payment Form

A nickname is optional if you wanted to list the name of the bank, type of account, and more.  It can be especially helpful if more than one account is added.  Required fields are the banking routing number, account number, account holders name, and whether this account is for a company or individual.

2.2 Confirm the ACH Payment Information

Click the "I authorize..." checkbox, then click the "Add Payment Method" button. 

2.3 Verify the Account

In 3-4 business days two deposit transactions will appear in your bank account ranging from $0.01-$0.50.   Once you see these transactions appear, open the "Verify Account" and enter the two values.  

2.3.1 Open the Verify Account Form

2.3.2 Enter the two deposit amounts from your bank account

3. Applying the ACH Payment Option

There are a number of ways with which to use the ACH payment option inside the application.  

3.1 Pay an Invoice

If you have an outstanding invoice from a service such as training for example, go to your Account Dashboard >> "Invoices" page.  Click the menu on the right side of the invoice item.  The select "Pay Invoice".  

3.2 Using the ACH Payment Option with Expert Food Safety Plan Reviews or Subscriptions

Another example of how the ACH payment option can be used to is to order Expert Food Safety Plan Reviews or upgrade your Subscription Plan.  Here is a screen shot of the second step of ordering a review of a food safety plan using the ACH payment option.  If used for an Expert Food Safety Plan Review, the fee is not charged until the Expert Safety Letter has been completed and published for use.