Hazard Analysis Management Form Instructions:

Please evaluate each process step's potential biological, chemical, and physical hazards. Here are the definitions of the three types of hazards:

  • Biological (B) - hazards including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and environmental pathogens
  • Chemical (C) - hazards including radiological hazards, food allergens, substances such as pesticides and drug residues, natural toxins, decomposition, and unapproved food or color additives
  • Physical (P) - hazards including potentially harmful extraneous matter that may cause choking, injury or other adverse health effects.

Hazard Analysis Form Tips:

If in doubt about whether there is a hazard, identify it as one. Its better to lean on the safer side and then let the analysts review whether it is one or not.  Based upon the questions, "Critical Control Points" will be identified, if they exist, as red labels on the process steps.