Overview of the Supplier Ingredient Form:

For the Ingredient name, use how it is named on the raw material for consistency sake. Ingredient may be used for the phrase “raw material”. Packaging suppliers should be included in this category.

Supplier Ingredients Form Instructions:

Include in the description the physical, chemical, microbiological, and sensory specifications in the description.

If the ingredient requires a Supplier Preventive control due to being an allergen, include the details in the Ingredient Food Safety Plan section of this section.

If the ingredient requires a Supplier Preventive control due to being a microbiological risk include the measures being taken in the Food Safety Plan to minimize this risk.

Include in the Ingredient Food Safety Plan the validation documentation that you have for an ingredient that requires a process preventive control, i. e. pasteurization of liquid eggs.

In the description include if the outside packaging has any allergen information needed on it.


For each delivery of a new ingredient, upload the COAs to keep the documentation up to date.

Assure that you have specifications for you packaging materials, especially if you need allergen warnings on the packaging material.

It is advisable to consult a reference book (e.g., ICMSF 2011), a technical expert or other credible source to determine appropriate testing and sampling plans for different types of food products.

Sometimes indicator tests provide more useful information to verify process control than pathogen testing. For example, coliform testing is used by the dairy industry to verify the effectiveness of the overall pasteurization system, including sanitation, rather than testing for pathogens.

You must approve suppliers of ingredients requiring a supply-chain applied control before you receive the material. When necessary and appropriate, unapproved suppliers whose material is subjected to adequate verification activities before use may be used on a temporary basis (page 12-9 of FSPCA manual).