Recall Plan – Overview

Regulatory standards require the development of a written recall plan when a hazard analysis identifies a food safety hazard which would require a preventive control.

The current Food Safety Modernization Act provides guidance that enables companies to potentially avoid recalls by having proper food safety plans in order.

A recall plan is an incredibly important part of your company’s food safety plan. Why? Because misidentification of allergens, allergen cross-contact, and poor process control practices have led to consumer illnesses and deaths, as well as bankruptcy.

Recall plans can save a company time and money, not to mention quite a few headaches. Through ConnectFood, you and your business can create your recall plan seamlessly by answering a few questions.

Answering these questions will help you identify safety risks in your products and the controls used to minimize your food safety risks, including the allergen controls, process controls, sanitation controls, and supply-chain controls.  Then, you will designate your company's recall team. This step is key, so be sure to choose members well equipped to handle the situation if a recall should occur. Then, ConnectFood will walk you through each step to collect additional information needed for your recall plan, keeping your headaches to a minimum and your safety program top notch.

ConnectFood: Food Safety Plans Made Easy.