The Importance of Managing Supplier Documentation

ConnectFood believes in the importance of managing supplier documentation to allow ease in attaining and reviewing your supplier’s food safety plans.

Suppliers are the establishments that manufacture or process the food, raise the animal, or grow the food that is provided to the receiving facility without further processing. It is important to understand this chain so that your company can keep track of the safety of the incoming food products.

Written procedures to ensure that raw materials and other ingredients are received only from suppliers approved by the receiving facility can be added through the ConnectFood software, allowing proper tracking of the products.

Through the online platform, ConnectFood customers can add supplier facilities and make sure their risk management plans are in place. This section of the website, in addition to the certain facilities, you can add specific ingredients and have a supplier food safety report created.

Food safety plans can be complied to allow for review of the ingredients your facilities are receiving.

Understanding the importance of the safety of the supply-chain could eliminate the need for supply-chain-applied controls in the hazard analysis later on.

ConnectFood: Food Safety Plans Made Easy