This option is used for suppliers that wish to upload existing food safety plans, records, and other documentation per the request of one of their client food companies instead of using of ConnectFood Food Safety Plan Generator.  

1. Receive Email Invitation

A supplier will receive an email invitation to create a user account associated with their organization.  

2. Create Account

After accepting the invitation you will be directed to the user account registration page.  Complete your First and Last Name, Company, Phone, Email and Password.  

3. Select Free Software Package

If you are only uploading existing documents on behalf of your client, select the free to get started, "Pay per Plan" package.  It's free to upload documents under that package option.  Note: If you ever choose in the future to use the Food Safety Plan Generator features you can switch to one of the paid plans: Standard, Premium, or Enterprise.  

4. Add Product Plans 

After selecting the subscription package, you will be guided to the User Dashboard.  Then, click on the "Plans" link in the main menu.  

4.1 Product Plans Page

Once you are on the Product Plans page, click "Add Plan".   

4.2 Enter the Name of the Product

Only the Brand Name field is required.  Other fields are optional.  Click "Save".  

4.3 Upload External Documents  

After creating the Product, you will be transitioned to the "Edit Product Plan" page.  Click the "Docs & Images" tab.  Then click the "Upload Files" button to begin to upload your food safety documentation.      

Example types of documentation to upload under "Docs & Images":  

  • Food Safety Preventive Controls Plan for each product
  • Validation of each product and/or process and Ready-To-Eat statements (if applicable)
  • All applicable Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) documentation (including Foreign Supplier Verification Program)
  • Certificates of Analysis (COA); list tests conducted and why
  • Third Party Audit Certificate, Report & Corrective Actions
  • Product Specification
  • 100g Nutritional Information
  • Allergen Grid / Statement
  • SDS / MSDS Statement
  • GMO / Non-GMO Statement
  • Country of Origin
  • Kosher Certificate (Provide Yearly when due)
  • Halal Certificate (If Applicable)