How to Write HACCP/Food Safety Plans in ConnectFood

Welcome to ConnectFood!  This article will take you through a few basic steps to start a food safety / HACCP plan.  

Plans and Plan Templates

Get started planning right away, click "HACCP / PC Plans" in the main menu.      

Add A Plan

Click "Add Plan" at the top of the screen.  Enter a food product name you are writing a food safety plan for.  

Select Process Flow Template (Optional)

ConnectFood has a long list of process flow templates to choose from which also include associated biological, chemical, and physical hazards.  The templates also contain Process Controls / Critical Control Points. 

Plan Editor 

Now you are in the plan editor, which will walk you through each section of the plan.  

Plan Analysis

Plan Analysis contains two sections to complete for your food product:  1. Questionnaire and 2. Scientific Properties


The Questionnaire contains the "Who, What, Where, Why" questions for your food safety plan.  Two important selections to complete on this form are the food plan type: Preventive Control Plan or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP) and selecting the facility the food product is manufactured in.  


Enter the Ph, Water Activity (Aw), Density, properties and more.


Process Steps

The section includes generating the steps within your food manufacturing process to create your food product.  When creating the process steps, you may also add the hazards and ingredients included at each process step.  For a video on how to create a process flow please click this link.

Add A Process Step 

  1. Drag a Process Step from the Palette onto the diagram surface.  Repeat for additional process steps.  
  2. Drag a Connecting Line between the Process Steps.  

Identify Hazards

This section helps manufacturers identify the biological, chemical, and physical hazards of their food product.  

Add A Hazard

  1. Click a Process Step on the process flow diagram and click the "Edit Hazards" fly out menu item.   
  2. On the "Hazards" form, click "Add Hazard".  

  Each process step may have zero to many hazards identified. 

Add Preventive Controls or Critical Control Points 

Preventive Controls represent the following types:  Process Control, Sanitation Control, and Supply-Chain Control.  For HACCP plans, the control type is only Process Control (Critical Control Point).  For further explanation of these controls, please refer to other ConnectFood documentation and/or definitions provided by the FDA, USDA or Local Health Departments.  Below is a screen shot of "Edit Hazard" form.  Click "Add New" at the bottom of the form next to the header "Preventive Controls" or "Critical Controls".  

Ingredients and Suppliers

Use the main "Ingredients" tab to manage all of your ingredients and their suppliers.  An ingredient can have many different suppliers.  For example, if you use 'salt', you may list one to many different suppliers of your salt ingredient.  Ingredients can be associated with steps in your process flow.  

In order to make compliance easier with FSMA's Supplier Verification Program which requires the manufacturer to have the food safety plans and records of ingredients with biological, chemical, or physical hazards, use the Supplier Request Files Management feature.  

Facility Information

Enter information about your organization.  Click your email address in the upper right corner, then select "Settings".  

Click "Facility" in the left side menu to add the Facility name and address.  

If you are a manufacturer, please also add your Food Safety Team members while in Settings.  


The reports section is a central location for all of your available reports.  This includes the GMP Checklist, GMP Compliance Analysis, Standard Operating Procedures, Suppliers and Ingredients, Records Management, Food Safety Plans (Preventive Controls and HACCP), and Recall Plan.  

Expert Plan Reviews and Services

Once your food safety plan is complete you may request a review of your food safety plan, or you may request help writing the plan  from a food safety expert to ensure the plan is complete and compliant.  If your food product is an acidified or low-acid food (i.e., hot sauces, marinara sauces, pickled products), a food safety product review is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure processing requirements and safety factors are met and products are safe for consumers.  

To request an expert review of your food product's safety plan(s) and verification testing services, please visit the tab "Expert Services".  For a full list of services, please click here