Welcome to ConnectFood.  A platform that delivers an easy to use, step-by-step food safety plan generator with fast access to food safety experts to help review your plans. 

To get started building your food safety plans, first provide information about your company, the facilities where your food product is manufactured, and list key personnel who are part of the food safety team. 

As required by the Food Safety Modernization Act requires Good Manufacturing Practices, an easy way to comply is to complete the survey, to help ensure your facilities are safe to manufacture food products.  Good Manufacturing practices questionnaire can be represented by a ‘survey’ document.

Who are your ingredient suppliers? Provide information about the companies that supply the ingredients for your food products. 

The suppliers can be represented by a truck dropping off boxes of food to the facility.  You can reuse your carrot box as the item being dropped off it want. 

Once the supporting company and supplier information is entered, you can begin to create food safety plans for your food products by entering general information such as who the product is sold. 


Then identify potential biological, chemical, or physical hazards and the preventive controls that can prevent the hazards from occurring. 

Once the plan is complete, begin to monitor and record your manufacturing process.   

Last, you may request an expert review of your food safety plan of by one the many ConnectFood Virtual Food Safety Teams. 

ConnectFood: food safety made easy.